Columnist relays the truth about MSM & the Vietnam War

In an opinion piece entitled Perhaps we are entering 'post-journalism age' by George Will, he states that newspaper journalism is losing ground as well as the major news networks. Many reasons are given for this decline. Among them is that the age demographics show that people 60 and older are the largest percentage that read a newspaper regularly. The column goes on to state that there many other reasons why people are turning away from MSM, such as that now there are many alternative sources available.

This is the reason I believe many are turning away: When, after the misreported Tet offensive of 1968(a U.S. military victory described as a crushing defeat), Cronkite declared Vietnam a 'stalemate'. In another paragraph of the column, George Will writes: "If that had been the broadcast marketplace in 2004, John Kerry would be president...the three networks reported on the Swift boat veterans attacks on Kerry only after coverage by cable news and talk radio forced Kerry to respond".

People are turning away from MSM because they do not report the truth or skew it to meet some political agenda. I have not watched the MSM for awhile. Instead of just reporting the news, the anchors and reporters try to tell me how to think. The majority of Americans seem to have deserted MSM also. I no longer rely on one source. With satellite TV, I can watch BBC news, CBC(Canandian), the German Journal, Japan news, and many others. On the internet, I can access the Washington Post, The Jerusalem Post, Ha'aretz, AFP, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and many, many others.

Most of the alternative news sources report the news without too much commentary. In other words, I am not having editorials thrown at me when I access the news. And to quote Cronkite, "That's the way it is".


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