Spirit of America

At the Indepundit site, I found out about a group that is doing tremendous work in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. It is called the The Spirit of America. It was started by a group in the US Armed Forces to help the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. From the Spirit of America's web-site, it started out very small. A soldier deployed in Afghanistan wrote his wife and asked her to send some baseball equipment. She was able to get donations and send the equipment over. The Afghanistan villagers loved it. Later on, the soldiers were attacked by rockets. The people in the village organized themselves and started walking around the perimeter of the soldiers camp and the rocket attacks decreased.

From there it spread to Iraq. It is now branching into Lebanon. Spirit of America supplied the pro-democracy supporters in Lebanon with computer equipment in order for them to have a web-site. The web-site is called The Pulse of Freedom.

They have many projects that are ongoing. Check out their web-site.


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