A couple a days I posted about the memorial to Hurricane Katrina that Extreme Makeovers:Home Edition was doing in Biloxi for the Mississippi Coast. As promised, I have photos.

The wave is beautifully done. It shows dramatically how Katrina slammed in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It leads to the display of items salvaged from demolished homes, churches, and lives.

A close-up of the display case. Just a few of the countless items that were scattered by the waves and winds. When I was there, I spoke with a couple from Diamondhead(located in Hancock County MS). She said was walking today where their house once stood and looked up and saw her wedding gown high in a tree where the waves had deposited it. She is having it cleaned. She also found her veil wrapped around a tree branch.

Thanks to the Seabees stationed at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, the Biloxi memorial to Mississippians who earned Purple Hearts was placed back into position. Hurricane Katrina had knocked over some of the pieces and took a few of the pictures and names off.


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